Corporate Profile

Memory Systems (MS) is an American company founded on September 27, 1993 in Miami, Florida, which distributes a broad range of the latest technology products including analog security cameras, IP / Network cameras, DVRs and NVRs, video servers, access control, lenses, video door-phones, megaphones, connectors, tools and much more.

Memory Systems has 19 years experience in the industry with offices in Miami, distributing its products in Latin America, North America and the Caribbean.

Memory Systems offers, as its main line of business, transmission solutions for cabling through Coaxial Cable, CAT5, CAT6, HDMI, DVI, AV, VGA, USB, PoE, Rs232/485/422, surge protectors and filters for any type of problem that may arise; allowing you to save on the cost of the cable and on labor.

Memory Systems offers a wide variety of solutions for all types of transmission: video, audio, sound, data, power; for example, sending a signal from an IP camera on an existing coaxial cable without changing the cable; extending and/or distributing a VGA signal using CAT5 cable; wireless solutions, among others.

Memory Systems distributes high-quality reliable products at competitive prices, as it works directly with the leading manufactures in the industry like Tamron, Icantek, Vivotek, Messoa, Milestone, Nuuo, Commax , Keico, Avermedia, Linux, Rosslare, Garret, in addition to its own line of branded products "MS”.

Memory Systems participates in many domestic and international industry fairs as well as performs frequent seminars, workshops, webinars; offering solutions, new products, sharing the latest technology in the security industry and providing innovative solutions in the transmission of cabling; at the same time educating its’ customers in the use of the products it distributes.

Memory Systems guarantees great service by relying on excellent highly qualified personnel, committed and trained in each of its functions which always strives to provide its customers the best customer service.

Memory Systems is committed in providing the best technology in which its customers can rely on and invites you to become part of its family of distributors.

"MS", More Solutions, More Security, More Service!