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8 Amp 16 Port DC12V Regulated Power Supply with built-in fan in 1U Rack Mounting Panel MS-PR1616-12R

Model: MS-PR816F-12R

  • 8 AMP 16 port power supply, AC120V/230V to DC12V Switching regulated output.
  • AC120V/230V to DC12V Switching regulated output.
  • Each port output current 0.5Amp (Max).
  • Built in “no fuse breaker” to avoid current overload.
  • Built in PTC (positive temperature coefficient) for short protection and auto rework on each port.
  • Built in fan at rear panel for low operating temperature.
  • It is perfect to install in the control room.  Application for larger industry CCTV installation where need numbers of camera, housing, pan tilt turning device or other surveillance equipments power sources from control room.
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Output Voltage

DC12V (Regulated)

Output Current

0.5 AMP/ Port

Output Trip Current

 1A / Port

Short Circuit Cut Time

0.2 Sec/ Port

Cut Current / Time

 2.5A/ 4Sec

Reset able Output


Reset able Output Time

1 Sec (Min)

Fan spec.

Rated speed: 5200 RPM

Rated Current: 0.03Amp, Rated  Power: 0.4 W


1 piece at back panel

Total Output Current

8Amp (Max)

Dimensions (mm)

437×170×44 1U height

Weight (g)


Storage Temperature


Operation Temperature