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New Generation Stand-Alone NVR NVR-AVH306-6

Model: AVH306

This NVR is suitable for introducing high-definition IP surveillance solution, and for upgrading your CCTV system to IP system without re-cabling. 

This NVR could be used as a control center to control and monitor up to 6 network cameras (ONVIF supported) connected to this NVR locally or remotely, and also get the ability of image storage for evidentiary recording and data backup. To have the best monitoring and recording images, this NVR supports full HD image display and real-time recording.


  • High Resolution Recordings

NVR and Megapixel IP camera solution brings users clear images while video recording and playback

  • Easy Upgrade to IP Surveillance System

With Plug-and-Play technology, the complicated network configurations are simplified in three steps.

  • HDMI TV Video Out

It supports 1920*1080 REAL HDMI service, giving the best image quality on LCD / LED monitors.

  • Multi-platform Remote Access

Fully compatibility on iPhone & iPad, and Internet Explorer® on Windows® operating system

  • Smart Recording

It automatically adjusts the video resolution to optimize the recording efficiency of HDD.
High Compatibility and Offsite Backup

  • Nearly every mainstream IP camera in the market compatible
  •  Added NAS function to backup all kinds of IP cameras on the Internet
  • Cooperating with CMS (Central management System) for offsite backup




Video Compression Format

H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG

Video Input

One LAN port (Up to 6 Channels with a 6-port hub) 

Video Output (Full HD)


Video Output Resolution

1920 x 1080


Recording Throughput

50Hz IP Camera: Up to 150 @ 720P, 32 Mbps

60Hz IP Camera: Up to 180 @ 720P, 32 Mbps

Recording Mode

Manual / Event / Alarm / Schedule\

Pre-alarm Recording


Quick Search

Time / Motion / Alarm

Backup Device

USB flash drive


Audio Output

Line Out / HDMI


Hard Disk Storage

Up to two 4TB HDDs

SATA Interface


eSATA Interface


USB Mouse Control


IR Remote Control


User Level

Multiple user access levels with password

Operating Temperature

10ºF ~ 40ºF (50ºF~104ºF)

Power Source (±10%)

DC 19V / 2.1A



LAN port: 1000Mbps/ Inernet port: 10Mbps / 100Mbps


Compatible Operating System

Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP

Compatible Program

Video Viewer for Windows operating system

Minimum PC Browsing Requirements

‧Pentium 4 CPU 1.3 GHz or higher, or equivalent AMD
‧256 MB RAM
‧AGP graphics card, Direct Draw, 32MB RAM
‧Windows 7, Vista & XP, DirectX 9.0 or later
‧Internet Explorer 7.x or later


Compatible Devices

EagleEyes on iOS & EagleEyes on Android

Optional Peripheral AV912 EoC converter / AVX916 HDMI Extender/ AVX931 Video Server